Hi there, I’m Lewis!

More content will be coming soon, in the meantime check out my subpages:

More about my academic/software background.

My biggest personal project by far - an implementation of Minesweeper with many added features, written in Python.

Early days of a blog, just a place to make some notes about coding for now!

This is an initiative to encourage people to contribute to open source Python that I started at work. The link above contains blog posts documenting people’s experiences as first-time contributors.
If you’re interested in contributing to CPython but you’re not sure where to get started I’d suggest first checking out the devguide. If you have questions or you get stuck take a look at Where to get help - personally I’d recommend signing up to and sending an email on the core-mentorship mailing list.

Artwork site
An early work-in-progress of a website to be used as a portfolio of artwork (not for me!).